Saturday, 19 January 2013

Willow Display Prototype 001

Yup! Finally made my own prototype of Jewelry display using unused poly foam which my hubby help me to find. Its recycle action. Thank you Hubby!

Anyway...It all began with sketches and brainstorming. It really fast the picture look very blur...I think..But I know what I need for my display...It should have display for necklace, earrings, bracelet and rings. These kind of display I will used for my offline business. The display will represent my brand and product.

I do the measurement while I am developing the prototype, from there I know the improvement that I should make for the next prototype. Well, I have place to display the necklace and I have space to put some jewelry collection.

I used glue gun to attach all parts.

Back view.

 I used straight back poly foam to make it standing still.

Decided to add small compartment to put some jewelry collection.

The final look of the display.

Need to improve in how I will put my brand on the display. Will be back with more update.

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