Monday, 30 July 2012

In Every Creations

Sometime when I want to start my new project, I always feel doubt and fear. What if the project is not going as what I plan, or what if my new jewelry collection turn ugly, what if.....what if.....what if.....
But then I forget something, What if I am not trying anything I will not finding anything. I encourage my self and thinking that I should give my self a change and drop every fear.

Yup here the word of inspiration for me and I hope its inspire you too.
 I will drop every fear and keep moving forward for what I do.

Fashion Inspiration

Just want to share my inspiration with you, I love the colors and the fashion design.
 If you see here the makeup and shoes collection are from D&G Spring 2012 collection.
The cute bag is from Miu Miu Spring 2012 collection
The bracelet is from my own collection, Sunny Spring bracelet.


Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lovely Sakura Bracelet

Antique brass leaf charm
Turquoise gemstone beads
Sakura polymer clay cabochon
Czech Preciosa 6mm round crystal
Czech Preciosa 4mm bicone crystal 
Pink plastic pearls
Blue glass rondelles
Brass leafs connector
Antique brass butterfly claps

8 inch length
I can add extra length by request
FREE No extra charge



USD8+USD4 International Shipping

Sunny Spring Bracelet

Inspired by the cheers full and flower colors of spring, I handcrafted this simple,vintage inspired, romantic, cheers full bracelet to complete your fashion accessories.

Vintage antique brass bird pendant
Yellow dahlia  cabochon 
Hand painted Pink filigree
Czech Preciosa Crystal Bicone 4mm beads
Amethyst gemstone beads
Purple and Peach glass pearl
Antique brass chains
Antique brass lobster claps

7.5inch length 
I can add more length by request
FREE No extra charge




Saturday, 28 July 2012

Victorian Dream Bracelet

Inspired by jewelry at Victoria Era. I created vintage inspired bracelet with modern twist.

Bouquet Flower brass pendant
Swarovski crystal bicone 4mm Olive Green
Czech crystal bicone 6mm Pink 
Czech crystal bicone 8mm Olive Green
Faux Pearls
Blue Rose polymer clay
Brass heart charms
Brass leaf charms
Brass chains
Brass lobster claps

7  3/4 inch
I can add extra length by request
FREE no extra charge




Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Beads, Passion and New Friend

Its been a while since I wrote on my blog. Just do some clean up and beads inventory. I realize that I need to add more beads collections to my inventory. Unique, vintage and more bold colors. So I google where I can buy some unique beads in Ipoh, Perak. Well, I got some address of beads supplier. It made me optimist that finally I can get my bead supply without have to go down to Kuala Lumpur. Well, sadly all the beads supplier that I got the address from google didnt sell anymore beads. They all now selling mass production jewelery from China and Korea. Never mind....there is a will there is always a way. So, I decide to go to one of the big mall in Ipoh. Its Ipoh Parade, I find some of the beads shop, but once again they did not sell beads, they sell handmade jewelry only.

Alright, still in high spirit I continue my journey to Jusco Supekinta to buy some groceries before go back to Cameron Highland. Surprisingly I find what I am looking journey to Ipoh to find unique beads is find the answer. There is a stall call BEAD N MORE at level 1 opposite Universal Traveller shop selling cute, modern and unique beads. The shop owner Amy, very friendly lady show me her beads collections. There is a promotions going on, Amy have a stock clearance and selling all her beads in half price. I though WOW! I do not want to miss this offer.


Glass Beads collection

Gemstone beads and more

Beads caps, spacer, pendant and more

Suddenly I fell in heaven, I know its sound over reacting. But if you are in my sit, to find beads supply offline is really a big challenge. Especially when you really want to touch and get connection with the beads. So the picture of the next project is already born inside your mind, once you get connection with the beads.

Anyway here are my beads finding from BEAD N MORE, I am trying to control my self from buying all the beads ^_^ . So I short my list into unique beads and beads that I rare put in my design ONLY.

I include feather in my next project

There are glass beads, crystal teardrop, ceramic beads, shells, feathers

 I cant wait to create unique pieces from my beads findings. 

After all the journey that I have been trough to find unique beads, I learned that how challenge, passion can made people support and became friends instantly. 

Me and Amy
I really appreciated Amy help and information about beads supplier, business and community in Malaysia nowadays. Its really open my mind and eyes of what happen. Amy is jewelry artist who already create and selling her collections for 10 years. Definitely my senior ^_^. Her technique is from wire warping jewelry, stringing and more. She selling her jewelry offline and now want to sell it online. For jewelry friends out there specially from Malaysia you can contact her by email  Need costume jewelry or beads supply you can visit her shop stall at Jusco Supekinta, level 1 opposite Universal Traveller shop.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Spring Bouquet Ring

Simply vintage inspired Spring Bouquet ring are adjustable. It can fit in any fingers size.

Bouquet resin cabochon
Antique brass adjustable ring base

Circumference 8 ( 2.24"inch, 56.9mm )

Available with 2 colors option

R002 Blue
 R002 Peach Pink
Please convo me regarding your color option code in email.


Friday, 20 July 2012

Nature Love Necklace

30mmx22mm Malachite Gemstone 
10mm Round Jade Gemstone beads
10mm Flower rondelles glass beads
4mm Silver czech crystal beads
8mm Back China glass rondelles
Brass Swirl beads
Heart brass charms
Tree brass charms
Leaf brass charms
 Brass chains
Brass claps

24" Below the neckline




Jewelery Color Trends For Spring Summer 2012

I love colors, it can bring me so much inspirations. According to color trends expert, there are some specific colors trend for Spring Summer 2012. I do not want to missed the update.

Here are the colors chart as reference from CAUS Spring Summer 2012 Youth Color Trends Forecast

 As you can see the colors are warm and some of it pastel colors. I believe my jewelery design already follow the color trends. These one is Dreamy Necklace. I used blue and pink  colors beads to put together.

My dreamy necklace I created actually before I found the color trend chart. I just handcrafted it base on my intuitive and some of research from fashion magazines. It feel good to find that I did not missed the prediction. Enjoy fashion forward ♥♥♥


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Vintage Purple Dahlia Ring

Vintage Dahlia Rings is adjustable, can fit with any fingers size.


Vintage antique brass adjustable rings
Dahlia in purple cabochon
Circumference is 8 ( 2.24"inch, 56.9mm)





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