About Me

I am a wife of a wonderful hubby, mother of 2 beautiful children and I am self taught jewelry artist who based my business at home and open a online shop. Recently I put my jewelry in some Shop and Boutique. 

I was born in Cairns, Australia. My parent are Indonesian, yes I am also Indonesian. Indonesia specifically from Ciamis, West Java. 
I meet and married my hubby when I was working as a Graphic Designer at Natural Light Company in Bali, Indonesia. I follow my hubby who is Malaysian Citizen and live in Malaysia since 2009 until 2013. Now I was back and live in Bali. 

My little family

I was studied and graduate from Institute Technology of Bandung. It is one of the best University in Indonesia. I take Product Design as my Major Studied. Never thought that one day I will fall in love with jewelry design and be my burning passion now.

 I always love Art and Crafts. The moment I fall in love with jewelry design is when My mother gave me my first How to made Jewelry Book. Its really brought me flowing inspirations. From there I starts to practice my basic jewelry making technique. I start making jewelry since September 2011. I am a self taught jewelry artist. I learn from jewelry artist community, learn from books and online classes.  I never stop practice, well its kind of addict until now. I believe practice made perfect.

Hunting for unique beads is one of my hobby beside traveling, read a books, cooking and watching a movie. I love to learn and making friends with jewelry artists and designers everywhere, sharing their inspirations, tips and technique.

I hope my creations I can shared with people who appreciate handmade crafts and I want to give it back to community with a buy and donate programe. 

My favorite quote is

I hope the qoute inspire you too. Believe in your self and never give up. Continue with what you believe and never scared to try and fall because it will teach you the lesson of live.

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  1. Hi, I'm Karolien from Belgium. I really looovvvveee your jewelery!!

    In June and July, I'm coming to Malaysia. Can I come and visit you to watch the jewelery? Do you have several pieces of each in stock? Maybe I want to buy more than 1 :)

    From where in Malaysia are you?





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