Friday, 28 February 2014

My macrame bracelets design

As my promise yesterday I will post the picture of my latest macrame bracelets design. Are you ready? Ok, here we go...

The picture above are Batik macrame bracelets, I handcrafted it with cotton wax cord and handmade batik button which I made it my self from batik fabrics scrap. I add some wood beads to made it more ethnic look and natural felling. It fit any size of hand because it adjustable.

This one is metallic suede macrame bracelet. Metallic suede? yes its has it glitter on it. Made the bracelets look glamor and fashionable. It also handcrafted with synthetic snake skin to made it look more edgy and unique. It adjustable can fit any hand size and I pick some vibrant or kind a spring color palette.  

Rhinestones macrame bracelets I handcrafted with cotton wax cord and rhinestones. I love add some glitter and vibrant color to live. It also adjustable and light can fit any hand size.

Next macrame bracelets design I was partying with random size and colors of ceramic beads. I really enjoyed handcrafted it with cotton wax cord. Still with macrame technique.

I realize I still need to improve my macrame technique and I will. So wait for another surprise from me. New design is more to come.
Hope you enjoyed my art and share it with others who love art too. Coz sharing is caring. 

Thank you for stay for a while.
Have a great day ahead.


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hey! Sweet surprise

Yesterday I am not doing what I usually do when I am browsing the internet. But somehow dont know why...I guess why it call instinct. I google ing my self and I didnt expect to get sweet surprise. One of Indonesia website wrote about me and my design. Surprise, Happy, excited and grateful to know that someone out there appreciate my art work.

The article wrote about short review of my design and online shop. Its a good review, Thank God. I really thanks and appreciate the reporter Sannidya Ayu Andriana for her thought and opinion about me. I notice that the article was from may 2013, its last year. Wow...

I am grateful because with my art I can made people happy and enjoyed art.

Alright...Keep moving the best, believe and love what you do. Its truly dreams come true.

Thank you for all your support. Love you All.

Warmest regards,

Beading the Beads

Kind of busy lately prepare for restock my jewelry to put in Manik Organik Shop. Recently I love to do the macrame, its fun and kind of addicted. I love to sew but sewing on jewelry. I noticed that some of people love to wear "everyday" jewelry. Means the material have to be friendly and ready for any condition and occasions. After do some research what kind of simple and friendly material that suitable for this case. I came up with leather, cotton wax cord, suede and other natural material. This natural material really good in any conditions and also look great for any occasions. How about the technique? Well, a lot of technique you can use to made jewelry that suitable for you. But for me, macrame technique is just the answer. Its simple but strong, unique and beautiful. Also depend on what beads you will add to your macrame design. As example if you use rhinestones it will come out "bling" and glamour, ceramic beads it will turn to be ethnic and stylish. In my design I used rhinestones and ceramics beads alot for my macrame design.

As you can see from the picture above, these are some of macrame bracelets that I handmade. Every piece is special and one of the kind. I love the vibrant colors of ceramics beads that I used. Random size and texture made the design more richer and unique. This ceramic beads are also handmade so between beads are different. I will post the macrame bracelets details later. 

So if you are on vacation in Bali, Indonesia and looking for organic, healthy food and maybe a yoga class you can visit Manik Organik Shop on Jl. Danau tamblingan no.85, Sanur. You also can find my jewelry collection there. 

Until then have a great day ahead ! Thank you for visiting and stay for awhile here.

Warmest Regards,

Monday, 10 February 2014

Idea to taking great product photo

Hi! I found some interesting taking photo tutorial from Pinterest. I want to share with you, I hope you will find its useful. I am thankful for all photographer who made this tutorial.

Get complete tutorial here

More info here
More tutorial tips here


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Soft Launching of Jewelry Supplies

Hi All,
I have announcement. I start SOFT LAUNCHING on my website for JEWELRY SUPPLIES.
I have charms....
Flower Pattern Charms
Spiderweb Charms
Heart Charms
I have Pendant...

Owl Pendant

Deer Pendant

Jasmine Pendant

I have Fancy Glass Beads...

Purple Silver Octagon

Black Gold Oval
Red Silver Octagon

I have Glass Beads...
Black Green Cylinder

Blue Orange Cylinder

and also beads links

Rose Links

Gold Fish Links

Kindly check for more update. Thank you.


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