Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jewellery Colour Forecast 2013

I started to made my own beads, at first Iam a bit confused what colour or pattern I want to add for my beads collection. Iam no worries anymore because Iam so excited to find out that colour forecast for Spring 2013 is already reveal. I used it as a guideline to colouring my beads.

Here are some of colour forecast info that I want to share with you.


The rise of pastel colour, inspired by sweets little things.

Inspiration of primary colour.

Spring 2013 forecast for textile printing from

A+A Vision - Print Trends - S/S 2013

A+A Vision - Print Trends - S/S 2013
A+A Vision - Print Trends - S/S 2013

You can also get colour forecast for 2014 at PatternBank for £20, you can print it in PDF format.

for more info you can visit their inspiring website.

For Jewellery colour forecast, Here are some reference that I believe it will inspired you.

Swarovski Crystal forecast for Spring/Summer 2013 

Seductive Simplicity

Burgundy-Blue Zircon Blend

Rose Peach

Crystal Rose Peach Pearl

Crystal Luminous Green
 For more info and download their Mini Projects Innovations Spring/Summer 2013 by visiting Swarovski.

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