Thursday, 5 July 2012

Out of The Box Hand Made

Kind a stuck and lack of inspirations lately, today browsing I found blogs by Irene Zuccarello, which is really my kind  "bundle of joy" blog. So many of her founding are out of the handmade from artisan and designer around the world. I really enjoy read and can not stop view every details of handmade that her fellow artisan and designer made.

One of my favorite handmade that featured from her blog is about paperclay pendant by Elsa Mora. She is really unique and interesting person. Check her cute illustrated story about her self.

She is Elsa Mora

These is my favorite Elsa's illustration about her.

And here are my favorite piece one of  Elsa Mora paperclay creation,

Each paperclay pendant has an original hand painted illustration and is one of a kind.Simply beautiful and creative in many way.

Back to Irene Zuccarello,  I also found Malin Koort Illustration and Graphic Design. Also my source of inspiration. Check out her super cool creation.

The graphic below has been used also to create adorable puzzle cubes. Oh My!

More and more great creation from artist and designer around the world, it help me to stay focus and keep my aim to what I do today.

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