Friday, 20 July 2012

Jewelery Color Trends For Spring Summer 2012

I love colors, it can bring me so much inspirations. According to color trends expert, there are some specific colors trend for Spring Summer 2012. I do not want to missed the update.

Here are the colors chart as reference from CAUS Spring Summer 2012 Youth Color Trends Forecast

 As you can see the colors are warm and some of it pastel colors. I believe my jewelery design already follow the color trends. These one is Dreamy Necklace. I used blue and pink  colors beads to put together.

My dreamy necklace I created actually before I found the color trend chart. I just handcrafted it base on my intuitive and some of research from fashion magazines. It feel good to find that I did not missed the prediction. Enjoy fashion forward ♥♥♥


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