Friday, 28 February 2014

My macrame bracelets design

As my promise yesterday I will post the picture of my latest macrame bracelets design. Are you ready? Ok, here we go...

The picture above are Batik macrame bracelets, I handcrafted it with cotton wax cord and handmade batik button which I made it my self from batik fabrics scrap. I add some wood beads to made it more ethnic look and natural felling. It fit any size of hand because it adjustable.

This one is metallic suede macrame bracelet. Metallic suede? yes its has it glitter on it. Made the bracelets look glamor and fashionable. It also handcrafted with synthetic snake skin to made it look more edgy and unique. It adjustable can fit any hand size and I pick some vibrant or kind a spring color palette.  

Rhinestones macrame bracelets I handcrafted with cotton wax cord and rhinestones. I love add some glitter and vibrant color to live. It also adjustable and light can fit any hand size.

Next macrame bracelets design I was partying with random size and colors of ceramic beads. I really enjoyed handcrafted it with cotton wax cord. Still with macrame technique.

I realize I still need to improve my macrame technique and I will. So wait for another surprise from me. New design is more to come.
Hope you enjoyed my art and share it with others who love art too. Coz sharing is caring. 

Thank you for stay for a while.
Have a great day ahead.


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