Thursday, 30 January 2014

Update Time

Hi Hi...Its me again,
How are you? I wish you love and happiness.

I know its been such a looong time that I haven't update my blog. Is not I am in idle mode, I still do my jewelry making and sell it online in my website.I just do what a mommy, wive and crafter do he..he...

Anyway, new update from me is recently I enter 2nd Indonesia Bead Swap event. Its really FUN, I meet cool, nice and brilliant Indonesia crafters. I know these event from my facebook friend Manik Jawa. The event is FUN and I meet my new sweet friend and partner in this event  Febrini Ananda Risyad. She is polymer clay artisan. Her creation are delicate and pretty, I LOVE it...I will show you her creation here.

This is Febrini beads that going to be swap with me.

As you can see here...the pendant, beads and link beads are her creation. Awesome right..

Well, now I show you the beads that I will swap with her.

I pick my beads according to colors palletes, I am so glad she like it.

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